San Francisco

Virgen Roses



Poncho: Flea Market $20 Flower Crown: DIY $3  Lipstick: Sephora Lipstain in 01 Always Red $14

This past Sunday we decided to go to the San Jose Flea Market with my in laws. I love cultural art of any kind and I am always up for a bargain. Walking by one of the stands I saw this red Virgin Mary Poncho calling my name. Both my husband and Mother in Law tried convincing me not to purchase it, but I already had a vision in my head. I am confident in my fashion choices to not be easily influenced by others opinion. What I like may not be for others or vise versa and I am OK with that. Hence, my vision was able to become reality as showcased in the photos above. 


Retratos · Self Portraits


Skirt: Thrifted  Blouse: Thrifted  Floral Crown: Forever21  Necklace: Handmade in El Salvador

”I am my own muse. The subject I know best.” – Frida Kahlo

In college I studied The Mexican Muralist Movement with focus on Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo. This morning, I came across a Frida quote that really resonated with me. I am not a photographer, and with my husband at work I had no one to take my photos (which is usually the case!) Feeling inspired and determined to create my vision I thought about Frida’s self portraits. If Frida could look through a mirror in order to paint herself then what should stop me? I decided I could take my own dam pictures and so these are the results.

Prints & Fringe


Top: Thrifted Pants: Gap ”Boyfriend” Jeans (Thrifted) Heels: Candies  Cardigan: Old Coconut Purse: El Salvador  Lipstick: ”Brooklyn” by Amrezy Collection

This past weekend we attempted taking pictures for a Blog post by some train tracks in South San Francisco. With my son entering his terrible two’s and I expecting our second child, Rome has been a little monster! Although our son usually comes along for our mini photo shoots, Saturday was a no paparazzi day. Rome would not let me go and did not want his Dad anywhere near me. Hence, the lack of shots and details. I must say I find it quite cute that my son refers to me as ”mine.” Perhaps next time we will have to do a drop off at Grandma’s house.