DIY Mickey Invitations


Black Die Cut Mickey Head: Etsy  Die Cut Buttons: Etsy  Red Mickey Head: DIY  Yellow Envelopes: Target

Supplies Needed:

  1. Red, white, & black construction paper
  2. Martha Stewart circle cutter
  3. Glue Stick
  4. Address labels
  5. Mickey stickers
  6. Laminator (optional)


Disney Font

Mickey Address Labels 

Clubhouse Membership Cards


Membership Cards: 1. Copy & Paste on to Word 2. Print 3. Laminate 4. Cut                                         (If you do not have a laminator I suggest printing on white card stock for sturdiness.)

Address Labels: 1. Download Disney Font 2. Download address labels 3. Type in info using Disney font. 4. Print

Mickey Invitations:  Watch YouTube Tutorial

I purchased the white die cut buttons and 5” black mickey heads to save time. With leftovers you can make a Mickey banner. Because black 5” Mickey heads were a bit too small I made red Mickey heads as an added border. You can use Mickey Mouse stickers to seal the envelopes as an added touch from the dollar store.


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