DIY Mermaid Crown


Plastic Tiara $1 from Dollar Tree

Step 1: Remove decorations from tiara if any, color does not matter!


Pipe cleaners Michael’s $1.99 (or Dollar Tree)

Step 2: Wrap entire tiara with pipe cleaners, this will help the glue adhere better.


Pack of Sea Shells $5.49 from Michael’s

Step 3: Pick out the sea shells you want to use and visually spot where you would like to place.

Martha Stewart Craft Paint by Plaid Metallic Light Gold 2oz

Martha Stewart Paint in Light/Gold Metallic from Michael’s $2.99

Step 4: Paint sea shells pearl like shade for vintage look and let dry.

Step 5: Once shells are dry you can hot glue them on to the tiara or use E600 for stronger hold.


Swarovski Elements Sale $6.99 at Michael’s

Step 6: Using E600 glue swarovski crystals to sea shells or place of preference for extra bling.


Glittered leaves from Michael’s (Christmas Section) $1.49 plus 30% off

Step 7: Using choice of glittered leave cut and hot glue to the inside of the tiara.


Final ResultFullSizeRender


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