DIY Carnaval Headpiece


Step 1: Find a crown you want to use, mine is from JoAnn Fabrics it was $1

Step 2: Hot glue a piece of felt the same color of your crown or of your choice to the back of the crown.

3f2be9cf27f951dc6c3191376b85c624Step 3: Glue feathers on the back of the felt, cut feathers if necessary. I used about 8 long feathers. Pack of 4ct is $2.49 at JoAnn Fabrics.

9c47c21b8fb10cdae46adcb90e755542Step 4: Using E600 glue rhinestones onto feathers.

ce967f1fedf70d75d0920fc74fe24f9aThe Inspiration found on Pinterest.


FullSizeRender copyThis past Saturday was my Godfather’s 50th Birthday. In honor of the party theme, Carnaval, I decided to make my own headpiece. Originally I intended to use a red boa and pin it to the back of my pants to look more like a Samba dancer but in the end I opted out for a more casual look. (Don’t want to steal the spotlight!) Above are all the steps pretty simple.


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