Denim on Denim

IMG_4393IMG_4389IMG_4422_2IMG_4425IMG_4432_2IMG_4431_2IMG_4433IMG_4350_2IMG_4343IMG_4370_2My Outfit: Top: Thrifted  Jeans: Levis  Belt: Target  Shoes: Target Sunglasses: Forever21

Rome’s Outfit: Top:  The Children’s Place  Jeans: Calvin Klein  Shoes: Converse from Kohl’s  Suspenders: Target

As you can see my twin and I have our own take for the denim on denim trend. My personal take on the trend is that any denim will work as long as you have two slightly different shades of blues. For my son’s outfit I decided to go with a higher contrast and went for a darker jean. On a trip to Target I was lucky enough to find these $3 suspenders in the dollar section. Adorable! Might I add that my tennis shoes are also from Target and were on clearance for $7 when I bought them.  On another note my son has been stuck to me like a leach lately so I figured why not dress him like his Mom.


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